Matt Spassov

With a strong background in brand and logo design, I will take your product or business to the next level. My mission is to work with you to develop creative solutions to fit your business needs.

Senior-level graphic designer with over 11 years professional experience

7 years in-house creative direction | 4 years independent freelance brand design

Specializing in brand, logo, packaging and WIX web design

Current Clients: Danky Pharms, Women and Weed, AERO, AVA, Water Moccasin, Green Method, Cheap Thrills Vintage


Logo | Packaging

Logo and Packaging for a cannabis product line Medford, OR. The client, a cannabis processor, came to me for a logotype and icon that he could use for his Firecracker product line. He had picked the name Firecracker because "his weed was mind blowing". For this design I referenced old comic book style action bubbles and typography.   

Key Skills: logo, packaging

Water Moccasin

Logo | Packaging

Logo and Packaging for a cannabis product line Tulsa, OK. My client a Tulsa, OK dispensary owner wanted to develop a line of products using a water soluble THC concentrate and wanted a unique brand to reflect the unique process of extraction. The name Water Moccasin was a bi-product of the water soluble "venom" and the cotton mouth effect associated with using cannabis products. The logo icon was inspired by geometric forms, for their structure and elegance and the pattern is based on the scales of a snake. Working together to create an attractive stand out product, with flexibility in differentiating products. 

Key Skills: brand, logo, packaging, graphic design

Otherside Coffee

Branding | Logo | Packaging | Web

Brand Development for Coffee Company Tulsa, OK. This was a personal project for my own co-owned coffee roasting business. Otherside was inspired by reconnecting ourselves with nature and journeying away from the city and into the unknown. We wanted to inspire other to look to nature for natural remedies to everyday ailments. please visit

Key Skills: brand, logo, packaging, web, social, video

Arcane Revelry

Logo | Brand Identity

Branding for a trendy pop-up cannabis dinner party in Portland, OR. Inspired from secret societies and probation era speakeasy's. The triangle represents the rise of the cannabis era, the circle for a gathering of people and the intersecting line is challenging the stigma around cannabis.

Key Skills: brand, logo, graphic design, web

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