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Matt Spassov : PDX born. PDX Raised.

With a passion for problem solving and following my own path, I see the world in a different way. My solutions to problems are unique and effective.

For me, its about the discovery; that ‘AHA’ moment during the process… That’s what I live for.

In my 20s, I was afforded the opportunity to travel. During this time, I recognized that good design is universal within communication. I became mesmerized with signage. I passed through airports and bus stations in Europe, malls and shopping centers in Southeast Asia, discovering similar design solutions between countries. Seeing the world in, perhaps, a more basic and fundamental perspective allows me to approach my design process more effectively.


I live in Portland. I love Portland. I feel connected to it.


In my down time, I can be found on Mt. Hood carving fresh tracks, or surfing on the Oregon coast. It's in these moments that I gain clarity, form ideas, and replenish my motivation. There is nothing better than a huge mountain or a vast ocean to make you feel small, while very much connected to something much larger.



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